Posted: 13th June 2014

Author: Kate

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Email campaigns

As well as designing and hosting websites, we offer email design and campaign management. We can design an email template that includes your logo and branding, matches your website, or resembles a print poster or flier. We will ensure that your email campaign displays correctly in any email software, so that all your customers receive a beautiful, properly formatted email regardless of the software, device or email provider they are using.

Once you're happy with the look and feel of your email template, we can add your content and send the email out to your mailing list at a time that suits you. This can coincide with a website update or a real world event, if this is relevant to your campaign. We can even schedule the email to go out outside of business hours.

After your email has been sent, we can provide you with statistics such as the number of people who opened the email, clicked any links, unsubscribed from the mailing list or marked the email as spam. This information can be used to understand your customers and tailor future email campaigns to their preferences.

If you'd like us to help you with your email marketing, get in touch.

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