Game design and development services

QWeb's proprietor, Ric, started programming in 1996, originally creating games and desktop software before migrating to web deveopment in 2001. Ric has always remained interested in developing games, and in 2018 QWeb began offering game design and development as a service, as well as working on its own titles.

We love (and still play) the old classics. 2D and isometric games from the 80s and 90s by studios such as Bullfrog, Lucas Arts, and Codemasters are our favourites. Think Sim City 2000, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Day of the Tenticle, Theme Hospital, Dizzy, and so on. Our goal is to bring back the feel of these games but with modern design principles and for mobile gamers.

Although newcomers to the games industry, we're experienced developers and passionate gamers. We play all sorts of games across a variety of platforms and genres, so we know what players want, which design concepts work well, and how best to monetise a game without frustrating players. We'd love to hear your game ideas and work with you to make them a reality.

Qiso isometric game engine

For mobile game development we absolutely love Corona SDK, but we wanted to be able to create isometric games and Corona only provides 2D graphic libraries out of the box, so we built Qiso, our own isometric game engine, as a Corona SDK plugin. Developers can get Qiso from the Corona marketplace and start building isometric games for mobile right away.

We're working hard to extend the functionality of Qiso and to create more plugins and game templates for developers. Check out our Corona SDK plugins archive and follow us on Youtube to find out about our latest games and development tools the moment we're ready to announce them.