Web design and development services from Leeds

Web design is our primary focus. We're passionate and experienced in this industry, and we always strive for perfection. There's more to building a website than just making something that looks good - it should render and function properly in all major web browsers, on all major devices, across a range of screen sizes, for users of all abilities or disabilities, and without relying on technologies that might not be available to the entire audience. Code should be standards compliant and search engine optimised, and the hosting set-up should be optimised for both performance and stability. We know how important these things are, so if you come to us with a project you can leave us to worry about such details for you.

We're not the kind of web design agency who just actions a project without question. If you approach us looking for a Wordpress website, for example, we'll start by figuring out with you why you've chosen Wordpress and whether it's a good fit. We'll explore all options and make sure you get the most suitable solution for you and your project. Most of the time, we advocate for bespoke development, building the website and its management system from the ground up to work exactly how you need it to. No framework is perfect for everybody and we wouldn't want you to end up with a website that isn't actually the most suitable for your needs. We work proactively with you to ensure that every aspect of your project is well thought through before work commences. We'll listen to your requirements and ideas, advise you on how to acheive them, and formulate a proposal that responds to your brief and incorporates our expertise.

QWeb is a full service digital design agency within walking distance of Leeds bus station, and our designers and developers all live in or around Leeds. If you're a new business starting from scratch, we'll offer brand design; working with you to design a logo, font style and colour scheme that we can use as a basis for your website design. We're brilliant at designing logos and branding that's meaningful and accurately represents your business, personality and ethics. We'll make sure that your logo and brand is suitable for all applications, including website, print media and merchandise, and provide you with a simple, easy to understand brand guideline document that you can pass on to any designer who works with you moving forwards, on any of your digital or print work.

When your website has been mapped out and your brand identity is ready, we'll produce website design mockups. Your feedback is an important part of the process, and we'll work with you to ensure that each website page that we design meets your expectations for the project's look and feel, as well as incorporating the required functionality. At this stage, details of the user interface will be finalised and you'll know what to expect from the finished website development. Once the mockups are approved, you can leave us to work our magic and develop the designs into a fully functional website.

Our relationship with you continues after your website is complete. If you choose QWeb as your web host, we'll look after your website, making sure it remains online and secure. We'll host both your website and any email accounts that you might need, we'll continue to provide you with ongoing technical support, and we'll put you in touch with the people you need to grow your business and make it a success.

Ecommerce development

Our specialty is ecommerce. We have absolutely tonnes of experience building bespoke online shops, integrating with all sorts of payment gateways, warehousing systems, order fulfilment systems, and so on. We can advise on PCI-DSS compliance and GDPR. We're a Sagepay partner so we can help get you set up with a payment gateway and merchant account if you don't already have one. We often integrate PayPal for clients who want a simpler way to accept online payments, and we've also developed checkouts using a range of other payment services. We can help you to choose the most appropriate online payment provider for your project and integrate it into your online store.

We're home to the Egg Basket ecommerce framework, our own lightweight and incredibly flexible platform for building online stores. We've made Egg Basket available as free software to other developers and it's been used by other web agencies from Leeds and across the globe to create tailored frameworks for their own needs, so today it powers a number of high profile websites for well known brands. We know Egg Basket better than anybody else and have built some wonderful bespoke systems with it. We're also experienced with Magento, Shopify, and other leading ecommerce platforms and we have developers who specialise in all the popular frameworks, so we're confident we can produce an ecommerce website that works for you.