QWeb Ltd, Award Winning Web Design & Game Development

Hi there. We're QWeb Ltd, an award winning web development and game design agency from Leeds, Yorkshire. If you've come here looking for somebody to build your website, make your game concept a reality, develop an app, look after your servers, design your email marketing campaigns, or just set you up with branded email accounts, you're at the right place! We have the experience, skills, and network to help with just about any digital project and can't wait to hear about yours.

Established in February 2013 by Ric, a programmer and web developer with almost 30 years industry experience, and Kate, a web developer and former web accessibility consultant, we've worked on a vast number of projects over the years, across a wide range of industries, for both big brands and fresh start-ups. We bring together a team of truly fantastic game and website designers, web developers, and game programmers, with expertise in all sorts of tools and frameworks, to offer just about any digital service for projects of any size. Please do get in touch - we genuinely love what we do and the opportunities that arrive in our inbox.

DPOCOMS website design screenshot
Geography Education Online website design screenshot
Golden Sands website design screenshot
Ogorman Taylor website design screenshot

Our websites are clean and elegant and our code is efficient and responsive. Most of the websites that we develop are built from the ground up, in our own frameworks which are optimised for performance and security, but if you have an existing website that you'd like to migrate to QWeb Ltd, or you have a requirement to build a new website in a particular framework, that's absolutely fine too. We have developers who specialise in WordPress, Concrete, Magento, and Shopify, and we have plenty of experience in all sorts of other tools.

We have specialists in search engine optimisation, social media, accessibility, and email marketing. We have digital and print designers, 3D modellers, and branding experts. We're also great with GDPR and PCI-DSS compliance.

Put simply, we're experts in everything that's important to get you up and running online:

  • Website design & development
  • Ecommerce & online ordering platform development
  • Android & Apple mobile app design & development
  • Game design & development
  • Brand design
  • Social media branding
  • Business card design
  • Packaging design
  • Printed marketing design
  • Email marketing design
  • Email campaigns management
  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Server management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web content accessibility advice
  • Data protection & PCI-DSS / GDPR compliance advice
  • And much more!


Ric has been programming since 1996, originally as a games developer. He moved into web development in 2001 but has always remained passionate about games programming and in 2018, QWeb Ltd began to offer game development services. We've since built a number of engines and a few small games in a variety of toolsets. In his free time, Ric is currently working on Argentauria, a massive, multiplayer, multi-platform 3D open world game with bespoke server software and networking infrastructure. We also built and operate the Solar2D Plugins marketplace for Solar2D, a game programming framework we helped to rebrand.

We're not a big studio and there are limits to the kinds of game projects we can take on, but please do get in touch if you have a game idea and need a developer for it. We're always excited by these and for new opportunities to work on game projects.

Greedy Monkey game development screenshot
Lights Out game development screenshot

Our isometric game engine, Qiso, is available for Solar2D game developers from the Solar2D Plugins marketplace. Our 3D engine for Solar2D is open source and available from our archive of Useful Scripts on GitHub.

Our Clients

We're very proud to have worked with some of the UK's biggest brands, and to have been able to help a large number of start-ups establish themselves within their industries. We offer the same level of service and quality of work regardless of budget - nobody is too small for us!

We've been doing this for far too long now to fit a comprehensive list here, so these are just a few of the brands that we feel humbled to have worked with.

Astonish Cleaners logo
Geography Association logo
Shemins logo
Specsavers logo

We also offer web development and web hosting / email hosting services to a number of other web design agencies, and while we can't show their clients here, over the years we've been fortunate enough to work with loads of well known names. You've almost certainly interacted with a company who we do website development for, and you've probably already been on a few of the websites that we've built.

We're Social

Follow us on social media to keep up with what we're working on. Between client work we've usually got a game or two in the works, or a new tool of some sort.