Published Monday 13th October 2014

Growing up

As we work our way through the second half of our second year in business, we've noticed that it feels a lot like growing up. We're no longer a brand new company getting a feel for how things work.

We spent our first few months finding our feet, learning how to deal with the different aspects of running our own business. This stage felt a lot like being a young child. We were getting to grips with the basics, and frequently stumbled as new obstacles emerged. We made some basic mistakes, as people do when they start something new, and it was difficult to feel sure of what we wanted to achieve and how we should go about trying to achieve it.

Towards the end of our first year we had settled into the rhythm of running a company and it seemed like everything was working out quite well on a day to day basis, but we weren't bringing in as much work as we wanted overall. This stage felt like being in school. We did the same sorts of things each day, but we didn't really make any new decisions or take control of the issues we were faced with.

The next phase in our company's growth seemed a lot like living through our teens again. We knew where we wanted to be, but we were struggling with money and cashflow. A lot of the actions we were taking felt futile, but we understood that they were necessary. We enjoyed running the company, but it wasn't meeting our expectations. It was a frustrating time for us, but thankfully we came out the other side wiser and stronger.

The stage we're at now feels a lot like the beginning of adulthood. We've taken control of the way we run the company, and it's working out well for us. Cashflow is less of an issue as our financial situation has settled down. We can finally relax about the day to day running of the company and start to plan for the future. We can set goals and targets and map out ways to achieve and meet them, rather than dealing with unexpected obstacles and struggling with budgets like we did in our younger days.

Starting our company has felt a lot like growing up. We hope that as our journey continues, we will continue to grow and learn, and QWeb will grow and thrive.

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Kate is our director of operations at QWeb Ltd. She's a former front-end developer and accessibility consultant, and a bit of a maths geek. She runs our social media profiles, works with our accountants to keep everything ticking over smoothly, and figures out most of the complicated algorithms that go in to things like our 3D rendering engines. She also has a degree in architecture and a masters in historic building conservation, so she's responsible for making sure our medieval game designs are reasonably accurate!

Blog posts are written by individuals and do not necessarily depict the opinions or beliefs of QWeb Ltd or its current employees. Any information provided here might be biased or subjective, and might become out of date.

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