Email Hosting

Every business needs an email address these days, whether you're a sole trader or an internationally recognised brand. With so many email providers out there, it can be difficult to figure out which is best, and to register a good, memorable email address that matches your company name without looking unprofessional. There's nothing worse than seeing a lovely branded van with a well designed logo and 3 regional telephone numbers, telling you to contact a horrible looking address for a quote!

If you own a domain, you should be using it for properly tailored email addresses. Pointing people towards for general enquiries or as your direct line looks so much nicer than, and it's much easier for people to remember. If you don't already own a domain, you should get one. You're only looking at somewhere around £10 - £20 for these, and we can advise on where best to purchase them, and even help you to pick something out that sounds good.

With your own domain, whether we host your website or not, we can host your email accounts. We'll set you up with any number of email accounts on our servers, with individual mailbox capacities that suit your needs and don't cost the earth. We'll monitor your account and alert you if a particular inbox is nearing capacity, and we'll advise on how to manage your space effectively or when to increase capacities. Like with our website development, game development, app development, and hosting services, we prefer to work proactively to ensure that everything is running optimally at the least cost to you, rather than just throwing unnecessarily large amounts of hardware in at huge expense.

Our servers support both IMAP and POP3 protocols, which means that you can set your addresses up on any device and in any email client software. We've written a blog post on choosing between IMAP and POP3, and we're here to advise further if required. We also offer a web based email service, so that you can log in to check and write emails using your web browser instead.

Whatever you choose, we'll of course help to get your devices set up, and we're here whenever you need support. Any time you need to set up a new device, or you're having trouble sending an email, or you've booked a vacation and just need an auto-response setting up to tell people that you're away, just drop us an email or get in touch by phone.

We run a number of security and anti-spam mechanisms as standard, including:

  • Virus detection
  • Spamhaus DNSBL block list integration **
  • Barracuda DNSBL block list integration **
  • Internally managed DNSBL block list **
  • Address, subject, headers, and content based filtering ****
  • Intrusion prevention ******

** DNSBLs are lists of IP addresses and domain names which are known to be prolific spammers. We integrate both remote, public lists and our own managed lists to help prevent the most aggressive spammers from reaching your inbox.

**** We run the SpamAssassin filtering software, which puts all emails through a series of tests to determine their likelihood of being spam email. Additionally, we've built a number of our own filtering tests and continue to add new tests over time, helping to prevent spam even when it doesn't come from known junk mailers.

****** We run the Fail2Ban intrusion prevention software, which detects all sorts of intrusion attempts via access and error log file monitoring, and imposes temporary access blocks on suspicious IPs. For example, if an IP is detected to be trying to log in to your email account and triggers too many failed login attempts in quick succession, a temporary block will be imposed to prevent further attempts, greatly reducing the likelihood of a breach through brute force attacks. Additionally, we've built a number of our own intrusion detection tests on top of Fail2Ban's mainstream set.

If you still, despite all of the above, receive unwanted emails, we'll work with you to build additional blocking rules into your account to prevent continued receipt.

If you already have your own tailored email addresses hosted elsewhere, but you like the sound of our email hosting service, we can also migrate existing inboxes to our servers, giving you all of the benefits of our hosting service with minimal changes to your per-device configuration.