Website Design & Development

Having a brilliant website is important for all sorts of reasons, whatever your business, and web development is our primary focus at QWeb Ltd. Our big specialty is ecommerce, particularly the development of bespoke online ordering systems for apparel and merchandise suppliers, so we're experts in all of the complicated things that go into those. But as much as we love the challenge of a complicated project, we also really enjoy working with small, independent start-ups, designing logos and brands, and straight-forward websites that turn visits into leads. Getting to work with people as they establish themselves in an industry, helping them to put their name out there, seeing their business grow, and watching the website we built for them do its job is a privilege!

We're a full service digital agency. We're not just a web designer and we're not just going to set you up with a website and send you on your way. Full service means we'll work with you from the very beginning, advising where we can, designing and developing your website, game, app, or whatever else you need us to, hosting and maintaining those developments and your accompanying email accounts, putting you in touch with the right people when you need something that we don't offer in-house, setting you up with email marketing, and generally supporting you for as long as you need us to. We opened in February 2013 and some of our earliest clients are still with us today. We're a small business ourselves and we know how hard those first few years are. We're here to hold your hand through it all.

Logo & Brand Design

Most of the people who approach us have had an idea for a business, and know that they need a website design, but they haven't yet begun to think about their branding. It's easy to think branding is something only big corporations need, but in reality your brand is the most important part of the design process, more important than your website.

Your logo is the first thing most people will see when they come across your business, perhaps in your email signature or on your social media, maybe on the front of a business card, or the back of a van, or maybe even above a high street store. Wherever it is, those first few seconds when a person notices a logo that they haven't seen before are the few seconds in which the logo needs to tell them exactly who you are and what you do. You might be the best at what you do and the person who's just seen your logo might be looking for exactly what you offer, but if your logo doesn't catch their attention, you've just lost a customer.

Impala Accountancy logo design
Bouche Chocolate logo design

Designing a logo that perfectly represents your business should be the very first step, and we're brilliant at it. If you come to us for a website and you don't already have a logo, we'll advise that this is what you start with. We'll work with you to design not just a logo, but a full brand with colours and fonts that compliment it perfectly. By the end of this phase you'll get a shiny new logo, and a straight-forward brand guidelines document to pass on to web designers or any other designers you work with in the future, ensuring that anything they design for you is consistent with everything else.

Your website, business cards, email signature, social media graphics, and everything else, should share a colour scheme, font family, sizing, spacing, and logo so that regardless of what it is that somebody notices you on first, when they type in your web address or social media profile, the website that pops up is instantly recognisable as belonging to your business. Brand alignment helps your visitors to feel comfortable, and comfortable visitors are more likely to stick around and become customers.

Branding is not just for large corporations, it's the first thing you should commission, and QWeb Ltd do really great logos.

Website Design

Web designing and website development is our bread and butter. It's what we do the most of, it's our core service. If you come to us for a website, we're not just going to do a quick web design and give you something you love the look of, you're going to get something we've properly thought about, that makes your content accessible to all of the major search engines and across all devices and screen sizes. Most importantly, you're going to get a website that's easy for your visitors to navigate and use.

There's more to a great website design than just what it looks like. Looks are important here, of course, and we won't let you down on that, but there's also a lot of psychology involved in converting visits to leads, and a lot of technical structuring involved in making sure a website makes sense to search engines and to the software used by visually impaired people to read a website out loud. Being a full service digital agency means we won't just design a page that meets your requirements - we'll offer up our experience and advise you on what does and doesn't work for your target audience. We'll make suggestions on how best to organise your content so that your website achieves your goals.

DPOCOMS website design screenshot
Geography Education Online website design screenshot
Golden Sands website design screenshot
Ogorman Taylor website design screenshot

If you come to us for the development of an online store, for example, you're specifically looking for a website that's going to encourage sales and we have a few tricks up our sleeves for that. Chances are, most people landing on your website will have searched on Google for a particular product, so we're going to advise on how best to write your product titles and descriptions so that Google knows your product is what that person is looking for. We'll design product pages that have a really clear structure, telling both Google and your visitors exactly what they need to know about your product so that there's a really good chance your page will be one of the first results in that Google search.

Once the visitor is on your page, we want to draw their eye towards the product itself, key product information, and a really easy to understand ordering process. If you sell a variety of related products, we'll make sure those are shown too, just in case the one they've landed on isn't exactly what they were hoping to find. Most importantly, we'll be really careful with the surrounding elements on this page so as not to distract from the product they came to buy. A jazzy page design might look good to you but your visitor is going to get distracted by it and end up clicking on to other parts of the website, and that's not where we want them to focus. Neutral colours and simplicity are really important for product pages, as well as big clear calls to action, with none of the important stuff hiding too far down or off screen. We'll also make sure the same page looks just as great on mobile devices. An increasing number of online shoppers browse from their phone or tablet, and you don't want to lose out on their custom.

Whatever you come to us for, we'll help you to figure out what's most important and how best to tackle the design. We won't just make a website that looks good, we'll make one that helps your business grow. You're coming to us for our expertise in the web industry, not just for our ability to make things look pretty. Web development from QWeb Ltd is about much more than just designing something that looks good.