Game Design & Development

Ric has been a programmer since 1996, originally learning to code simple games for MS DOS at the age of 10. By the time he was old enough to work commercially, he'd progressed to web development and ended up working for web design agencies so when we started QWeb Ltd in February 2013, we launched as a web design agency and that's still our primary focus. Outside of business hours, Ric's always remained passionate about game development and today he has a considerable amount of experience making games for all sorts of platforms, in all sorts of tools and languages.

In 2018, QWeb Ltd rebranded as a web and game development agency, no longer just building websites. We're not a big studio and we don't make AAA games. If you have an idea for a massive game, in all honesty we're probably not the right team for it. But if you're looking to have a mobile game developed, or you're a game developer yourself and want to team up with somebody to design your sprites or 3D models, we might be just who you're looking for.

Greedy Monkey game development screenshot
Lights Out game development screenshot

Since 2018 we've done quite a bit. We have a couple of free kids games on the Android Play store: Greedy Monkey and Lights Out. We've built Qiso, an isometric game engine that's available as a plugin for Solar2D, and we built the foundations of a 3D engine for Solar2D too, which is now open source and available on GitHub for other developers to further develop for themselves. We helped to rebrand Solar2D, formerly Corona SDK, and we built, a marketplace for designers and developers to sell their own plugins and game assets.

Ric is also working on our biggest project yet - Argentauria, a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). You can follow along with the development via Ric's Kofi page and we'll be posting more about this game in our blog as development progresses.

Argentauria game development UI design screenshot
Argentauria game development bridget design screenshot

We're a full service digital agency, not just a game designer. Full service means we'll work with you from the very beginning, advising where we can, designing and developing whatever you need us to. We'll help put your game in the various app stores, or if it needs servers we can build those and manage your hosting too. If your game needs a website, we offer web design and development services, and we even provide email hosting, email marketing and app development. We opened in February 2013 and some of our earliest clients are still with us today. We're a small business ourselves and we know how hard those first few years are. We're here to hold your hand through it all.