Once you have a website, it needs to be online so that people can get to it. Or if we build your multiplayer game, or a game with cloud based save files, you're going to need a centralised system for it to communicate through. Certain app developments need central storage as well. This is what hosting servers are for, and figuring out what you need from a server can be complicated. Thankfully, we're excellent at this too, and we offer a very competitive managed web hosting service so that you don't need to understand how any of this works. Just leave us to look after your web hosting while you get on and run your business.

Our managed website hosting services are available even if you already have a website that we didn't build. We'll gladly migrate any existing website to one of our servers, or set up a new server just for you. We also offer email hosting, even if you don't have a website.

We look at every project individually and advise on the best solution for a given website's size, traffic, and resource requirements. If you have a small website, particularly one built in one of our own, highly optimised in-house frameworks, it probably only needs dropping on to one of our existing web hosting servers and our managed hosting costs are very reasonable.

If your website is media heavy or receives a lot of traffic, it will benefit from a content distribution network (CDN). A CDN is separate network of many servers which can serve large static files, like images and videos, from a server closer to the visitors geographic location. This frees up resources on the server hosting the website, which can significantly improve page load times. This feature is built in to all of our in-house frameworks as standard, and can be retrofitted into most websites that we didn't build. We can sort all of this out for you too.

If you have multiple websites, or require the development or migration of a really big website, it's sometimes more cost effective and logical to set you up with your own server. We're a Rackspace partner and all of our own servers are set up at Rackspace data centres, so we'll usually advise that you set up your own Rackspace Cloud account, which we'll help with of course. We'll figure out exactly what server spec you require and set everything up for you within that account. This way if we ever need to hand over to another agency, you already own your servers and don't need to move your websites at all, and until then we'll manage everything for you under your account. Our managed website hosting service is the same whether you're on one of our servers or a server within your own Rackspace account.

Whatever kind of hosting solution you need, we'll look after everything. We'll manage the servers, keeping their software up to date and resource usage in check. We'll investigate security and performance issues, protect from attacks, re-allocate resources, and advise when we feel hardware upgrades are needed. We set up monitoring systems, security and intrusion detection systems, backup processes, spam filtering, and all sorts of other fancy things to keep everything running smoothly and we work proactively with those systems to make sure your websites stay online and load quickly, and your email accounts always work.

If you need help administering a website that we host, or that's on one of your own servers that we manage, we're just a phone-call or email away. If your customer is having trouble accessing their account, we're here for them. If you're trying to send an email and it's bouncing, or somebody is trying to send you an email and you haven't received it, we'll jump right in and investigate. If your WordPress website has been attacked, we'll secure it and implement appropriate mechanisms to prevent that from happening again. When it comes to hosting, we've very much got your back.

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As a Rackspace partner, all of our servers are set up at Rackspace data centres, backed by their industry leading hardware and network level support. We manage everything ourselves from an operating system and software level, and work with Rackspace technicians regularly to keep everything operating smoothly.