Mailshots & Newsletters

Email marketing can be difficult because nobody likes spam. Done properly though, newsletters can be an excellent way to engage with your followers and remind them that you exist. We don't advocate spamming people with unsolicited emails, but we do advise making use of email campaigns to inform genuinely interested audiences that you have something new for them. There's little point in having a fancy new website, game, app, product or service if you don't tell anybody about it!

Rather than designing every single email campaign and charging you over and over again, we'll design a reusable email campaign template around your branding, complementing your website or game, and we'll set you up with an account where you can create your own newsletters using that template whenever you're ready to send something out. You'll be able to add and remove content rows, write text, upload images, and add links using a simple editor. You can preview your newsletter, send yourself tests to see how it looks in a real inbox, and then schedule for delivery to one of your subscriber lists. If you need a hand with any of this, we're always a phone call or email away.

St James Collection email design screenshot
Lottery Madness email design screenshot
Car Iconics email design screenshot

We'll advise on how best to get people to sign up as a subscriber, whether through social media or on-site subscriber forms dropped in to just the right places. We'll help you to incentivise subscriptions and to come up with content ideas that people actually want to receive. We'll also help make sure your campaigns comply with the relevant GDPR policies, and that you're only sending to people who have opted in to the topics you're writing about.

Every time you send an email you'll get a report detailing things like the open and click through rates so that you can gauge how successful each email is. You'll be able to see how many times a particular link was clicked, so you'll know which parts of the email were most relevant to your subscribers. You can use what you learn from these reports to improve future emails, create better engagement, and increase your sales. If people provide an email address that doesn't work, or want to unsubscribe, the software will handle this for you automatically.

Sending newsletters and high quality marketing campaigns can be a really good advertising model. Your emails don't have to be spammy or annoying, and your subscriber lists don't have to be difficult to manage. QWeb Ltd offers an intuitive email campaign system, and an excellent email design service.

We don't just do email marketing, we're a full service digital agency which means we'll work with you from the very beginning, advising where we can, and designing or developing whatever you need us to. We offer website design and development, game design and development, app design and development, hosting, email hosting, and a whole range of other digital services. We'll support you for as long as you need us to. We opened in February 2013 and some of our earliest clients are still with us today. We're a small business ourselves and we know how hard those first few years are. We're here to hold your hand through it all.