Published Monday 25th August 2014

Our 18 month-iversary

Tomorrow, QWeb will be 18 months old!

Half way through our second year in business, things are going really well, even compared to how things were at the end of our first year. We're working on more sites for more clients, we've met more amazing people who are on their own journeys into running businesses, and we're starting to really enjoy the benefits of working for ourselves.

Our first year was characterised by a roller coaster of highs and lows. There were weeks when we celebrated winning big contracts and others when we considered giving up. It was difficult to predict how much we'd have at any given point, and budgeting was practically impossible because of the irregular cashflow.

Our second year is going much more smoothly. We have a relatively steady flow of work and our financial situation is also a lot more stable. We have been able to relax a bit and focus on moving the company forwards in the direction we want it to go. We've been winning bigger contracts and working for a wider variety of clients. We've been involved in some great projects and met some fantastic people.

We have exciting plans for the future as we head towards the end of our second year, and we're looking forward to seeing them in action :-)

Photo of Kate


Kate is our director of operations at QWeb Ltd. She's a former front-end developer and accessibility consultant, and a bit of a maths geek. She runs our social media profiles, works with our accountants to keep everything ticking over smoothly, and figures out most of the complicated algorithms that go in to things like our 3D rendering engines. She also has a degree in architecture and a masters in historic building conservation, so she's responsible for making sure our medieval game designs are reasonably accurate!

Blog posts are written by individuals and do not necessarily depict the opinions or beliefs of QWeb Ltd or its current employees. Any information provided here might be biased or subjective, and might become out of date.

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