Published Monday 20th August 2018

QWeb's rebrand

Since incorporating back in February 2013 we've built websites and web based systems for hundreds of individuals and businesses. We love to see our developments making a difference for somebody, and we especially love working for start-ups and small businesses, where we get to watch a business grow and succeed thanks, at least in part, to our work. Web development is a genuine passion of ours and will continue to be our primary focus, but we're evolving...

I, Ric, have been a programmer for 22 years now. I started at the age of 10 writing small PC games and software before migrating towards web development about 5 years later, and I've always kept dabbling with game programming in my spare time. My role models growing up were game programmers such as the Oliver twins, the Darling brothers, the Gower brothers, Peter Molyneux, and Mark Webley. People who effectively created today's game industry and in a way, got me into programming all those years ago. Until I was about 18 I fully expected that I'd one day join one of the leading game studios and that game programming would be my career.

Instead, I joined a web agency at 24 where I learned business, or more precisely, how to run a web agency. I met some brilliant creatives within this industry and made a lot of contacts, so when I was ready to set up my own agency in 2013, the experience and contacts I'd gained during those years somewhat dictated that this would be a web agency.

In 2017 I realised that my continued dabbling in games programming was something that I shouldn't be ignoring. It's where I began and I have deep roots there. I'm a little rusty and game programming isn't much like web development, but I'm not inexperienced. I realised that there was no reason QWeb couldn't do both, and while we can't compete with big studios, we do have a vast knowledge of the web industry, a number of brilliant designers, an existing network of servers, and a love for gaming in general so at the very least we're a step up from indie game developers and I've seen some fantastic titles by one man bands.

So, throughout 2018, we've been rebranding. We've designed a new logo that maintains our link to web but also incorporates our new link to gaming, we've introduced a new orange to our blue and white colour palette which we're using to differentiate our web and game offerings, we've begun to create some frameworks and tools for building our games in, we've introduced ourselves to game development communities and started to build new contacts, we've launched a YouTube channel which we'll be using to announce our game releases and to show off some of the other things we're working on, and today we've launched this new website. 2018 is an exciting year for QWeb!

We're now officially a web and game development agency. Our existing services haven't changed - we still continue to offer a full suite of web design and development services, email marketing, hosting, and so on and our clients remain our priority, but we're now also offering game design and development services and we look forward to meeting new clients within a new industry. We're also working on a few games of our own and will be releasing more information there in due course - so follow us on YouTube for the announcements!

This post marks the start of a new era for QWeb and the re-launch of our blog. Moving forwards, our posts will be much more focused on design and development, web and game related news, tech tutorials for other developers, and our own game and service announcements. We've migrated some of our old blog posts but we've also removed a lot of content that frankly just wasn't very useful. If you've landed on this blog looking for something that we've removed, please get in touch and we'll consider restoring from our archives for you.

We hope that our rebrand intrigues and excites some of you, and that you choose to follow us in our ventures. Our social media links are at the bottom of this website. Don't be a stranger.

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Ric is a senior web and game programmer with nearly 30 years industry experience and countless programming languages in his skillset. He's worked for and with a number of design and development agencies, and is the proprietor of QWeb Ltd. Ric is also a Linux server technician and an advocate of free, open-source technologies. He can be found on Mastodon where he often posts about the projects he's working on both for and outside of QWeb Ltd, or you can follow and support his indie game project on Kofi. Ric also maintains our Github page of useful scripts.

Blog posts are written by individuals and do not necessarily depict the opinions or beliefs of QWeb Ltd or its current employees. Any information provided here might be biased or subjective, and might become out of date.

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