Published Monday 9th June 2014

Shaking things up

We've been going through a few changes at QWeb in the last few weeks, some big and some not so big.

The biggest change we've experienced is to our in-house team. Steven, who has been with QWeb since July 2013, decided to move on and left the company at the end of May. We are continuing to work with him closely but this will be on a freelance basis from now on. He joins a pool of freelance professionals, specialists and companies we work with to provide a broad range of online services to our clients. We hope to continue our working relationship with Steven for a long time to come and we wish him all the best in his endeavours outside of QWeb.

Now that there's one less of us in the office, we've had a bit of a change around, rearranging our furniture and organising things to better suit our remaining full time team members. Moving things around has reinforced the feeling of a new phase in QWeb's journey, we survived our first year and we've shifted our focus from simply surviving to growing and thriving through our second.

This change in focus has also brought a change to my personal role within the company. I initially intended to be a part time member of QWeb as I had planned to go to university and maybe start a business of my own. However, I've discovered over the past few months that I really enjoy being a part of QWeb. My position here is both challenging and fulfilling, and I'm now committed to being a permanent, full time fixture.

It's been an interesting few months with some unexpected changes and some exciting revelations, and we're looking forward to driving the company forward and seeing where we'll end up in further down the line.

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Kate is our director of operations at QWeb Ltd. She's a former front-end developer and accessibility consultant, and a bit of a maths geek. She runs our social media profiles, works with our accountants to keep everything ticking over smoothly, and figures out most of the complicated algorithms that go in to things like our 3D rendering engines. She also has a degree in architecture and a masters in historic building conservation, so she's responsible for making sure our medieval game designs are reasonably accurate!

Blog posts are written by individuals and do not necessarily depict the opinions or beliefs of QWeb Ltd or its current employees. Any information provided here might be biased or subjective, and might become out of date.

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